About Us


Greenland Construction, Inc. was brought into existence in 1972 by Matt and Janice Greenland. It all started with a second mortgage, a small used backhoe, one employee and a strong vision for the future. In 1975, the small family business was incorporated under it's current name. Matt and Janice's years of dedication, hard work, and desire to succeed are the reason that we have nearly 40 years of quality service in Pennsylvania's utility industry.

From the beginning, they fought to sustain a management concept that was centered on quality workmanship, fairness, and a great concern for the safety of all employees. We continue to reap the rewards of those efforts as demonstrated by the outstanding reputation that precedes our company name.

From top management to the most recently hired employee, we all owe a great deal to Matt and Janice. We can attempt to repay them by continuing to perform our jobs consistent with their original concepts.

-Tim Greenland


Greenland Construction, Inc. strives to utilize its 35 years of diverse experience on every construction project. We take pride in the expertise of our dedicated staff and highly trained employees who are committed to excellence and quality workmanship.

Understanding that often times the project owner’s design budget is limited, we analyze every project design in an attempt to identify cost saving alternatives which can result in fewer cost overruns. We take pride in completing the majority of our projects at or below the original contract price.

The ever changing scope of legislation, regulation, and technology impacts overall project costs in Pennsylvania. Our firm invests the necessary time and resources to remain at the forefront of our changing industry.

Project owners who utilize fair contract language, actively participate in contract administration and make prompt payments are rewarded with our best pricing and our highest level of cooperation throughout all phases of the project.